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Tantra means to manifest, to weave, to expand
Tantra is about building intimate energy to allow practitioners to experience the true pleasures of their bodies
Tantra focuses on the emotional, physical and mental awareness
Tantra is the art of touch, exchanging and being present
Tantra is about experiencing the body and its capabilities, enjoying the journey and discovering something new about your physical being
Tantra is about experiencing greater connectivity with your body, your emotions, your partner and the universe
Tantra is healing

Tantra Arun Massage brings about the union of sexual energy with the other life forces that are flowing through the body. it is sharing the energy of yin and yang
This massage begins as a gentle bodywork, to relax your body and it will gradually become more sensual and intimate. the aim of this massage is to build up your sexual energy which is distributed throughout the entire body and is brought into harmony with your heart.
A Tantric Massage last a minimum of 60 -90 or 120 min
And its price varies depending on the time contracted, each tantra massage is different according to time and tantric discipline.

I also offer Integrative advance tantric massage / diferentes massage / Healing therapy chiropractic massage, sports massage, relaxing ayurvedic massage, tibetan massage, lingam massage of intense pleasure and longan tantra massage of training so that you learn to have your control of your ejaculation prolongs power and stimulates much more, kalari professional sports massage, tantric ritual sutra, tantra kularnava massage, tantra golden massage, tantra bindu sensitive massage, tantra kundalini advanced massage.

my tantric massages are not improvisations, is original. not pass something that is not on the other.

In my ad they will not see my photos showing parts of my body because I do not offer erotic escort services, distort I do not offer sexual service, ads that offer photos showing parts of the body are suggestive announcements that already make it very clear that even if they say that they are of tantra they want Say that they are not, that what they sell is sexual service but not tantra massage, know to differentiate between a tantra massage ad and a promiscuous sexual service announcement. Do not confuse the genuine tantra massage has nothing to do with melee services, interactivity and suggestive sexual sales showing areas in suggestion of sexual sale. That type of ads has nothing to do with the original tantric massage, know how to differentiate it.

For appointment please call two hours before
Call, 676138091
I speak Spanish.
I am a young man indian native professional tantric masseur.
My tantra massage is genuine and original the authentic one of the india,
Mobile treatments also available
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